Rocacorba Gravel Gran Fondo

Everyone has a different idea of gravel, that’s what’s so exciting. As a more niche sport, there aren’t any hard or fast rules about what a gravel Gran Fondo should be. When we started to plan the course in collaboration with the Rocacorba Gran Fondo organization, we all had a different idea of what should be included. In the end, we settled on the idea of celebrating the Rocacorba mountain in a new way with an unforgettable adventure.

Under the stone arch of the courtyard, the inaugural sold out ride took off from Can Campolier for the 57km route. Before hitting the climbs, the route took in the sights of Banyoles lake and then a small river crossing. Some took tyres through the ankle-deep water, others hopped across the stones.

The name “Rocacorba” always signifies a challenge so, of course, the riders tackled the slopes of our namesake climb. Up and down on the lower half of the mountain gave the riders a chance to take on steep climbs, fast descents, slow descents, loose gravel, rolling dirt, and road. The mixed terrain naturally separated riders into smaller groups and, while some were pushing the pace and others were more relaxed, everyone finished.

Greeted by a cold Rocacorba craft beer afterwards, everyone sprawled out on the lawn to enjoy the sunshine and hearing everyone’s stories, we knew we had success on our hands. From the seasoned gravel riders who travelled to join us to those who took on their first gravel experience, people had come back with memorable stories. Not only had we showcased Rocacorba in a new and different way but we really had created an unforgettable day of adventure.

Join our Girona Tour from the 24th - 30th May and kick off your stay with the Rocacorba Road Gran Fondo on May 25th.