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Banyoles girona tour

6 days



Choose your dates and we’ll show you the best Girona has to offer. Highlights of the trip include:

  • Rocacorba

  • Girona

  • Mare de Déu del Mont

  • Els Angels

  • Besalu

  • Banyoles

*Distances and difficulty will be customised to your needs


  • Package cost: €1150 per person 


  • 24th August - 29th August

  • 26th October - 1st November

  • 23rd November - 29th November

    *Not the dates you are looking for? Tell us when suit you.

Join our Girona Cycling Tour and discover why Girona is the home chosen by pro cyclists. The perfect combination of warm weather, varied terrain, and quiet roads. With both Rocacorba and Lake Banyoles on our doorstep and the beaches of the Costa Brava just a pedal away join us for a week of cycling and relaxing. Experience the local culture, tackle the toughest climbs, and fall in love with Catalonia.

Sample Schedule

Day 1: Arrival at Rocacorba Cycling

Day 2: 75km 1500m ascent

Climbs: Mare de Deu D’El Mont

Day 3: 120km. 2200m ascent. 

Climbs: Capsacosta, Boixeda, Bucs

Day 4: 90km 1300m ascent

Climbs: Els Angels

Day 5: 120km with 2000m

Climbs: Santigosa

Day 6:  60km. 1300m

Climbs: Rocacorba

Day 7: Departure from Rocacorba Cycling


  • 6 nights accommodation

  • 5 guided rides

  • Breakfast & lunch everyday


  • Rental bike for €210

  • Single occupancy supplement €180

  • Massages €50/hour

  • Yoga from €50

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