Jeroboam Comes to Rocacorba Cycling - 27th October 2019.

The Jeroboam is a gravel series across Europe with events in Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and now--new for this year--Spain, hosted right here at Rocacorba Cycling on the 27th of October 2019. “Jeroboam” is a 300cc wine bottle, the equivalent of 4 normal wine bottles. But what exactly is “gravel”? We think the Jeroboam team said it best:

“Originally it was a road surface. Then it became a type of bike capable of much more than just riding on gravel. Now above all, ‘gravel’ is a way of cycling: discovering new places and people and the fun on the journey rather than just getting to the finish line fast.”


Gravel is quintessentially about exploring so forget the boundaries of the road, the limitations of mountain biking, and redefine your idea of what a cycling event is all about. The Jeroboam isn’t a race, it’s not a gran fondo, it’s not a cycling tour…we know you’re curious, keep reading.

As the name suggests, the title course of every location is a 300km epic gravel route with a mix of dirt, single track, and road. There are also 150km, 75km, and 35km distance options so there is something for every level. However, the 2019 edition will be a test event for the official Jeroboam Spain in 2020. While the 2020 event will have an epic 300km course through the mountains and the coastline of the Costa Brava, the longest route option for 2019 will be a 150km route towards the Costa Brava. There will be shorter 75km as well. Naturally, we will be testing the Jeroboam Village too so there will be good food, rewarding drinks, great places to stay, good friends new and old, and a great vibe.


If you’re a seasoned gravel rider, get in at the beginning of Jeroboam Spain and experience the unforgettable terrain and our friendly hospitality. Let us know what you’d like to see in 2020 and get a sneak peak if you’re already thinking of the 300! If you’re new to gravel riding, get excited. There is a whole new world of riding out there on gravel. Either way, test here, get riding, and go gravel.

As a 3T Experience Centre, Rocacorba Cycling is equipped with the best and latest 3T gravel bike, namely the 3T Exploro. The Exploro is designed to be fast on and off the road; it’s versatility knows no bounds. Book your 3T Exploro for the Jeroboam now or come test out gravel with one of our experienced guides.