The Harvest Tour

Our first olive harvest last year was, well, our first: complete novice farmers with no olive picking experience who realized pretty quickly that our olive trees make a ton of olives—almost literally. In the beginning we called on a few close friends to come help us out but, as word got around town, more and more people asked us if they could come pick olives too. Soon, people were riding over to spend an hour or so in the orchard, others driving up to spend the day in the trees.

Surrounded by wonderful old olive trees and friends, what seemed like a daunting task turned out to be fun that was actually short-lived. When all the olives were picked and pressed into wonderful olive oil, the fun began again as we gave each pair of helping hands a piece of the harvest. We still get messages and pictures of fond memories and wonderful meals made with Can Campolier olive oil.

With such a successful first harvest, this year we’re officially opening the orchard with the Harvest Tour. Spend the morning with us on bikes and then return to the estate in the afternoon for an orchard lunch and olive picking. Enjoy the roads, the olive trees, and take home delicious hand-picked, cold-pressed olive oil.

Join us for the Harvest Tour