Returning as Cyclists

It was a pleasure to welcome Anastasia and Kirill back to Rocacorba Cycling. They first stayed with us back in August 2018 and recently they returned, but it wasn’t the Anastasia and Kirill we had initially met.

 Last year our guests from Moscow, Russia arrived as pure holiday-makers. They had found us on AirBnB and used us as a base to explore the Girona area and experience Catalonia. They stayed in the apartment of the grand old house Can Campolier and were quite taken with the property, the building, drinks on the balcony, views from the tower and, of course, Mila. They explored Besalu, old town Girona, the Costa Brava, and then they discovered something they weren’t expecting on their Spanish holiday: cycling. 

cycling in girona

 Anastasia and Kirill were not cyclists at all but when you stay with us, it’s hard to miss that we are a cycling destination. Other guests were in and out with hire bikes and their curiosity was sparked. We introduced them to cycling, showed them our Cervelo R3s and what made them a road bike versus the 3T Exploro gravel bikes. We told them about the great routes and things they could see and experience while cycling Girona and the surrounding area. It didn’t take long before they gave into their curiosity, first going for a spin around Lake Banyoles on the town bikes and then venturing out on the 3T Exploros to explore the La Garrotxa area, and that was just the beginning.

Town Bikes

 Fast forward to April 2019 and when they returned, they were not just holiday-makers anymore. They told us since their first visit their lives had changed. They had bought bikes, proper kit, GoPros, joined Strava… Anastasia and Kirill had come back as proper cyclists. Not only did they enjoy a few days of gravel riding on the 3T Exploros again, but they also ventured out on the Cervelo R3s, some rides even nudging up to 100km! We helped them plan out the best routes over all four days and by the end of the week they had conquered the iconic Rocacorba, ridden the Costa Brava, and experienced Catalonia in a whole new way. 

 It was a whole new experience off the bike too. Although they were keen to return to the same apartment they had stayed in before, we were excited to have them as our first guests in the newly renovated masia, Cal Germa. While the familiar charm of the property and cuteness of Mila remained the same, they were taken with the comfortable modern rooms and garden backyard of Germa. The combination of privacy and spaciousness, modern and historic, gives the house a really special feeling. It’s the perfect place to relax, recover, and enjoy the surrounding nature and views of the mountain especially, they told us, after a long ride.

 Anastasia and Kirill may have been returning guests, but nothing was repeated. Their transformation was nothing short of incredible and we’re absolutely delighted to be a part of their story. If their return visit and riding adventures aren’t convincing enough, Kirill also told us he already wanted a new, better, faster bike: a Cervelo R3. We have a feeling they will be back soon and that they will be taking more than good memories home! Don’t worry Kirill, we’ve got an R3 waiting for you!

The Rocacorba Cycling Jersey… all the way in Moscow.

The Rocacorba Cycling Jersey… all the way in Moscow.