Our All New Fleet

The new bike hire fleet has been in action for a few weeks at Rocacorba Cycling. The beautiful, fast, and brand new 2019 Cervelo R3 complimented with the versatile, alluring, and just downright fun 3T Exploro means we have bikes to cover all means of cycling adventures in Girona.

3T exploro

If you’ve always chosen to travel with your bike you’re really missing out on the opportunity of hiring a bike. Cyclists who travel with their bikes know all too well what a hassle it can be and, even worse, how expensive it can be when you have to replace damaged equipment on holiday. When you hire a bike, you don’t have to stress about packing, building, lugging around a bike bag, excess baggage fees, or surprise damage. Still, there’s something about having your own bike with you—we get it! You have your set-up dialled in, you’re comfortable, and, well, it’s your bike! But can you really say no to a beauty like the Cervelo R3?

Cervelo R3 bike hire

Bike hire is a great chance to ride and experience a different bike, try out new equipment, and let’s not forget the amazing convenience of stress free travel while your loyal steed stays safely at home. You don’t have to worry about bringing tools, setting the bike up, or maintaining it; you get the absolute pleasure of riding a top-end bike. We take care of everything so you can just ride and enjoy.

Before your arrival, we will be in touch to get your measurements so your bike is set up specifically for you. Don’t know your measurements? We can help you figure them out or book a bike fit upon arrival. Whether you need a 80mm stem or you’ve never measured your saddle height before, we can ensure you a perfect, stress-free set-up. 

bike fit

All of our rental bikes are the latest 2019 frames with the newest technology. Haven’t tried disc brakes yet? Been on the same soft carbon frames for years? Never been on gravel? Enjoy the excitement, responsiveness, and speed of something new with high-level components. Whether you’re renting a Cervelo R3 or a 3T Exploro (or both as many of our guests like to do), when you arrive, our in-house mechanic will have your bike set up to your exact measurements and ready to go. Along with your pedals, you’re encouraged to bring your own saddle that we will install for maximum comfort. Our mechanic is also bike fitter so any changes can be done on the spot to ensure you’re comfortable and ready to perform.

There’s been more than a few holiday romances that have turned into something long-lasting after a week of riding around Girona and the Costa Brava. If you fall in love with the nimble, light Cervelo R3 or you can’t let go of how the world opened up on a 3T Exploro, we’re not in the business of breaking hearts. We can always have a new one delivered right to your door. 

Rent a bike when you stay with us and explore all Girona has to offer.