The Best Things in Life Are Shared

The memorable rides, the ones that transform into shared stories, have a few special ingredients. Good roads help, great bikes are optional (okay, desirable!), but it’s the people, the vibe, and the opportunity that make a ride a memory. It’s not an easy combination to have when you travel to explore somewhere new but it’s exactly how we’ve designed our guided tours.

You might be hungry to conquer the legendary Girona climbs or longing for the sunshine and sea-side roads of the Costa Brava and a guided tour gives you the opportunity to go and ride. Explore the best roads of Girona without the stress of planning routes, navigating a new country and language, or finding people to ride with. With our local knowledge, in-house bike mechanic, and rider-focused premium accommodation, it’s a chance no cyclist will want to pass up. 

The best things in life are shared and every rider knows that’s true. Joining a guided tour might be a step out of your comfort zone but, at the end of the day, it’s riding bikes on great roads with new friends. Cycling brings together so many different types of people but with a shared passion it’s always a comfortable and happy environment. You won’t be too slow or too fast but you may be challenged, fall in love with Catalonia, and never want to leave. One thing is for sure, you’ll never forget your guided tour and you’ll be talking about it on your next ride.