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Rocacorba Cycling is the culmination of passionate pursuit and a decade of hard work. After completing engineering degrees in South Africa, Ash and Carl moved to Europe in pursuit of a dream: pro cycling. With the signing of a contract in 2010 that dream became a reality but the pursuit did not end there. Shifting the goal posts to becoming one of the sports top competitors saw Ash take wins and podiums in some of cycling biggest races and a Commonwealth medal in Glasgow, Scotland. However, winning on the bike was never the only goal; changing the very fabric of female pro cycling remains a constant battle but one she champions with her widely published opinions on the sport and the direction it needs to take. Rocacorba Cycling is the next step, the product of that battle, a step towards equality, a step towards sustainability and a chance to shape the future. Be part of it.


the team


Founder. Engineer turned Pro Cyclist with team Cervelo Bigla. Olympian. Commonwealth Games medalist. Animal lover.


Founder. Engineer, turned triathlete, turned cyclist. Lover of all things active… and tractors. 


Sports tours & high performance. South African pro racer turned rider. French speaker. Tea connoisseur.