Winter Cycling in Girona

Winter is starting to set in across Europe but here in Girona we are still enjoying warm sunny autumn days and bare-leg riding; it’s pretty rare to find a place you can ride outside year round; it’s even more rare to find a place that offers a cyclist so much, even in the winter. Most cycling destinations close-up seasonally but you’ll find Girona keeps its doors open for a reason.

Girona winter cycling camp

Everything Girona has to offer a cyclist in summer is still available in the winter. If you thought the roads were quiet before, winter brings a new sense of tranquility and freedom. Without the hustle and bustle of tourists, the roads are even less populated with cars (if you can imagine that) and home to more solo riders rather than the summer pelotons. While you’ll see the true locals begin to cover up in early autumn, the sun stays warm and it’s not uncommon to have mid-day temperatures around 17-18C well into December. Of course, there are colder single-digit days but without the threat of snow or ice, it’s nothing some winter attire and a later start can’t combat. 

Enjoy the serpentining coastline of the Costa Brava two-abreast and the view of white-sand beaches as nature intended: empty. If the snow-lined summits entice you, head into the Pyrenees with warmer clothes, make a snow ball, feel like a hardcore hero, and then come back into the warmer valley of La Garrotxa natural park. Of course, there’s no better excuse to stop for coffee and cake when the temperatures are single digits and there are plenty of cafes worth riding to.

Join us for some winter miles with sunshine, check out our 3 Day and 6 Day Girona Cycle Tour or let us build you a custom Girona cycling getaway.